Property Registration, Land Records and Building Approval Procedures followed in various States in India

“Property Registration, Land Records and Building Approval Procedures followed in various States in India” is a Book authored by Mr.G.Shyam Sunder, Advocate from Chennai. The Book is a first of its kind Book which has been Published in India. Copyrights for the Book had been issued by Government of India (Registration No.L-57818/2014). The Book is written in simple language and can be used as a handbook/guide. The Book covers the procedures followed in 19 States and 2 Union Territories in India mainly in the following 3 Departments (Stamps & Registration Department, Revenue Department and Town & Country Planning Department). The Foreword for the Book had been written by Dr.C.Rangarajan, Chairman, Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister, Government of India and Former Governor, Reserve Bank of India. The first edition of the Book had been launched in 2013 and the second edition of the Book had been published in January 2016 (updated upto 31st  October, 2015)

The highlights of this book include-

  • Detailed procedures involved in the Stamps and Registration Department like scanning of documents presented for registration, issuance of Encumbrance Certificates, affixing of photos and thumb impression of parties to documents, procedure for registration of Equitable Mortgages (wherever applicable), Power of Attorney document procedures, online mechanisms to verify market value of land fixed by Government (Guideline value, Market rate or Circle rate etc) and prevailing stamp duty rates and registration rates applicable in each State/UT.
  • The land record details followed in 19 States and 2 Union Territories and the nomenclature used for measurement of land, land conversion rates into Hectares/Acres, prevailing restrictions for purchase of certain kind of properties (wherever applicable), land ceiling limits (wherever applicable), online  mechanisms to search land records in various States so as to identify the present owners of the Property
  • Building Approval Procedures followed in many States like Maximum Permissible FSI/FAR, Plot Coverage ratio, Open Space reservation for roads and amenities, land layout approval procedures, parameters for development of various kind of buildings and building setback rules
  • Suggestions for improvement of existing practices followed in each state/UT for Registration, Revenue and Town and Country Planning Department including the author’s common suggestion for best practices which can be followed in these Departments all over India
  • How to verify certain KYC requirements online
  • Certain type of title documents and basic precautions to be observed for each kind of document
  • General Check List for Purchase of Various kind of Properties like Agricultural land, land in approved layout, New Apartments, Second Hand Apartments, Factories etc
  • How to compare certified copy of documents obtained from the records of Sub Registrar offices with Original documents to ascertain title genuineness
  • Various Kind of fraud Scenarios and how to overcome them (useful tips for Bankers)
  • Stamp duty rates for MOA and AOA in various States in India
  • Coastal Regulatory Zone (CRZ) Norms